Young Living | Silver Drop Retreat 2017

Posted: October 21, 2017 by fivefivephotos

The Silver Drop Society is having a party!

 Silver Drop Retreat 2017


Hello and welcome! The Silver Drop Society is having a party and we are taking the photos! I am so excited to be a part of the Silver Drop Retreat 2017! Why? Because I just got my first Premium Starter Kit and I have heard incredible things about all the people who are a part of the Silver Drop Society! So here is what Miss Allissa has planned for photography: 2 hours of head shots (location to be announced) and an hour during the recognition ceremony. 



We had an amazing time at the retreat! Talk about some amazing and motivating speakers! During this last two weeks, we became friend on Social Media with many of the Silver Drop members and it is exciting to see the impact the retreat made. You are all doing wonderful things on your social media platforms and Fivefivephotos is excited for you to now have professional imagery to go along with it!  

Please feel free to share your photos!

The Social Media folder has my watermark on it and no download password. If you don’t want to type out the photo credit with every one of your photos, these are the ones you can use. If you prefer to highlight your own brand/business rather than Fivefivephotos, we get it! Feel free to post the photos without our watermark. Of course we ask you give proper photos credit with each and every photo you post. A simple “camera emoji: fivefivephotos” works fine! (Putting a link to our website is even better ;-)) I will be emailing this link along with the download password to everyone who signed up at the event. Side note: so far just the Head Shots are uploaded. We will be getting to the rest of the photos asap.


For those of you who were curious in our Christmas Mini Session Special there are still a few openings! View the mini session special details here. 

Head shots

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Young Living | Silver Drop Retreat 2017