A Photo + Film Story by Fivefivephotos | The Bacons

Posted: December 4, 2017 by fivefivephotos

The Bacons

Film Story
Holly, I adore that video of my family. It’s fantastic, and it’s US and I love it. Would DEFINITELY do it again sometime! I hope people fall in love with the approach because it adds something so special to see how everyone looked and interacted. You captured our kids so well, I appreciated each of them all over again! -Victoria Bacon
Photo + Film Story by Holly Michelson with Fivefivephotos

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A Photo + Film Story by Fivefivephotos | The Bacons 

An afternoon with the Bacon family in North East Ohio, turned out to be a heart-warming experience where we had the pleasure of documenting not only a photo story, but also a film story. This Lifestyle Film showcases their love for each other, their everyday life, their children’s personalities, and their values. 

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The Bacons

Photo Story

The Bacons beautiful children The Bacons | Victoria and the kids The Bacons | Victoria and Eric The Bacons | Eric and the kids

Why Get a Photo + Film Story?

Most families will have a photo session every other year with the purpose being to have one photo to print and hang on the wall. We are educating families that there is more to a photo session than one photo for your wall. 

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There is so much value in documenting your family’s daily life. It isn’t a day filled with stress trying to get to the photography studio at your local mall. It isn’t about matching outfits and cheesy smiles. It is about the experience that is created, the memories that are made, and the relationships that we, as artists, DOCUMENT in a stunning and unique way.

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Our images and films are no doubt an art form, but that is not their purpose. This film and photo story for the Bacons is meant for their children, and their grandchildren. It is special for their family to view, especially those who live out of town. And they will use these photos as art in their home, for gifts, for photo albums, and more. 

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