Lifestyle Family Session-Rosie and the Huffmans

Posted: November 20, 2014 by fivefivephotos

Tice and Allison have been our “Clients For Life” ever since 5:5 Photography photographed their engagement in 2012. We have photographed their engagement, wedding, anniversaries, their pregnancy, the birth of their daughter (sweet little Roselie, Rosie is what her friends call her), and now their Lifestyle Family Session. As you can see in our photographs, Rosie is full of attitude and expressions!

What is this “Client for Life” program? Our¬†“Client for Life” program gives you one full lifestyle portrait session at no charge ¬†every year. You can use this session for maternity, engagement, infant, senior, family, you name it! What is wonderful about this is the incredible discounts, and all your family photos throughout the year will have the same look, feel, and style. Then all of the photos from different sessions are easily combined into a single “yearbook” family album. If you are interested in joining our “Client for Life” program, contact us today.