Because We Value Quality Photographs

Posted: September 16, 2014 by Holly


I am also a very budget conscious momma! And I was a very budget conscious bride. It was hard for me to see the value in high quality photographs and the value in the experience while taking them… that is until Matt and I started our family.

I believe that a lot of mommas feel as I did. “I just need ONE photo for the Christmas card, or I just need a few hours on the wedding day to get the MUST have photos.” Hmm. What is the one thing I’d change from my wedding day? Yep, you guessed it. I would have invested more money into my photographer. Guess what? This is exactly what I hear from so many other married women! They marvel at the photos their friend/sister/daughter got from us and say, “wow, I didn’t get anything like that”. Neither did I. I still love the photos I have from my wedding day, but they are missing something. And the experience wasn’t there, my photographer didn’t know how to pose us, how to catch the genuine heart melting candid moments, or how to instigate a genuine “moment”. Guess what, he only captured our “must haves”.These things are KEY!

As far as family photos go, I felt the true value in them as I was going through all the old family photos after my grandfather passed away.  It was my pleasure to put together a family history slideshow. To see my aunts and my grandmother light up as they reviewed their lives together was incredible and moving. Then I thought to myself, “What if I could see a photo of my grandmother’s face the first time she ever held my mother?” *Insert goosebumps here*. After this epiphany, I realized it is my responsibility as a mother to make sure my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren have excellent quality photos to look back on. Photos that they can review together at important times in their lives. And here’s there kicker, photos that bring up great memories of fun times the family had together. (Not, dare I say, a stressful, tear-filled time at the mall studio!)

We love our clients and we want to be able to offer those excellent quality experiences and photographs. Due to popular demand, we have added a few new packages to our arsenal for you all. We now have a Wedding Photography package that starts at $1500. And a Portrait Session package that starts at $100. This is crazy big news! We are really excited about it! Please remember that you can earn a portrait session with referrals. One wedding referral = one portrait session. 5 portrait session referrals = one portrait session. (Note that the referrals have to be successful.)

Thank you for listening.