Mindfulness | Telling Your Story

Posted: July 30, 2017 by fivefivephotos

Mindfulness | Telling Your Story

While planning our North East Ohio wedding in 2007 at the young age of 19 years old, we thought, “I just need a few hours on the wedding day to get the MUST have photographs.” In all transparency, we were young, we were more excited to be married than to have a party, and we were planning everything while Matt was in the United States Marine Corps. It was hard for us to see the value in quality photography.

Years later we see things differently. This is because we have already experienced more than we can remember, we see the value in telling stories to our children, and we have seen our family light up as they review their lives together through boxes of old photographs (Taken by Grandpa, a fellow photographer). If we could replan our wedding day, we would have focused on celebrating our marriage with those we love most, we would have invested more into our photography, and we would have hired a videographer. Why? Because it all happens remarkably fast. Because we value family history. And because we want to remember.

Imagine seeing your grandmother’s face the first laid eyes on and held your mother. That is a powerful image, and irreplaceable moment. This is when the true value of a photograph becomes evident. We realize now that it is our responsibility to make sure our future generations have  a window into their family’s history. A way to see with their own eyes what their family was like. To have an everlasting testimony within our legacy.

Our tip for today is to document your lives. Not just for yourselves but for your future generations. A cell phone photo is better than nothing.