Matthew’s 7th Birthday!

Posted: December 7, 2017 by fivefivephotos

Today is Matthew’s 7th birthday. SEVENTH BIRTHDAY!

We are celebrating by looking at photos and videos of our beloved Matthew, relaxing, learning about his favorite animal (a blue whale), and making shrimp pasta for dinner. Thank you Uncle Seth for introducing my children to shrimp, it’s now their top pick for dinner. Ha! 


Matthew’s Amazing Empathy

Once upon a time there was a little boy

Whose heart was wide open with empathy.

All who knew him were blessed.

He loved extraordinarily.

Even while in his mother’s womb,

She saw God’s plan would be lovely.

Though his parents showered their love,

He was shy, and nervous, and always a little lonely.

An adventure was started.

The announcements were made excitingly.

Matthew had two sisters.

They were very far away across a deep blue sea.

Soon this “one”

Would be a “group of three”!

Everyone was a little bit nervous.

The day had come to meet, so they prepped busily.

“They are here,” Victoria said.

He ran behind his daddy.

The fear began to fade,

While they played happily.

Jumping on the trampoline,

One spoke in her native tongue called “Twi”

“Where is all their stuff?

How come they aren’t clean?”

“Why is she crying?

What makes them that skinny?”

Through the trials and some tears.

There were more valuable lessons to study.

Their bond is tight.

They chat constantly.

He is now the leader.

Instead of hiding nervously.

He is now outgoing.

Instead of being shy.

With these three always together,

Gone forever is “Feeling lonely.”

In all of this,

A character quality he came to know is amazing empathy.

I wrote this story to illustrate Matthew’s 2017 photo book.