Lifestyle | Adoption : Our Adoption Story

Posted: July 23, 2017 by Holly

Lifestyle | Adoption : Our Adoption Story

Five years ago God called us to adopt… We didn’t know why, or where we would come up with the finances, or how crazy and awesome our adoption story would be. 

Matthew was only two months old, we were renting, and Matt was still in school. But God’s calling was clear. Since then, we have been praying and waiting for God to prepare us and show us the right time. It wasn’t until February of 2016 that we felt it w

Matt and Holly with their kids on Easter Sunday 2017

as time to start the process. Doors began to open.  We felt led to search through the waiting children, specifically sibling groups. Their location made no difference to us.

In March 2016, we found our twin girls from Africa! Our home study wasn’t even completed and many obstacles stood in our way, but we knew God wanted us to pursue them. Want to hear something crazy? The day that God put adoption on our hearts five years ago, was literally 10 days after our girls were born. I sobbed when I realized this. “These girls have always been in my heart.” We have prayed for them ever since they were 10 days old.

Countless miracles have blessed us with affirmation. Matt and I are confident we are walking in God’s will. Now (December 2016 just before Christmas) Matt and I with our 6 year old son are in Africa. We have been here for over a month while adopting our twin 5 year old girls. Another awesome and unexpected thing happened. A missionary here brought two more orphans to our attention. Another set of twins! These sweet hearts are only 11 months old. Their mother died, their dad abused and neglected them, and the rest of their family abandoned them. The babies were almost starved to death. After many hospital visits they regained most of their health. Now that the babies are out of the hospital, they are losing weight again. The government, and other missionaries have sponsored the babies to try to keep them in their village but it isn’t making a difference. Their health is not improving. The funds have not been going towards the babies, they need to be rescued. 

At first we were not sure if it was possible for our family. We started asking questions even though we thought we would get a lot of doors slammed in our faces.  We prayed, and received no slammed doors! Every time another door opened we stood in awe (and in a bit of shock). Could this really be happening? Are we really going from a family of three to a family of 7 in one trip? Yes it is crazy, there will be many trials, but we want to be obedient. This has felt like a calling from God since the missionary first mentioned the babies to us.  We’ve had all the green lights we need to adopt them but can’t have them placed in our care until our American adoption agency receives the $24,000 adoption fee. We know God’s will is awesome and perfect. We know His timing is impeccable. And we know He is the ultimate provider. This is nothing for Him. 

Not all are called to adopt, but all are called to care for orphans and widows. We come to you, and humbly ask for your help. May God put a love for orphans in your hearts. Help us save the lives of two babies, help us give these four children a loving and Christ-centered home. 

We are asking you to:


  1. Pray for us. For wisdom, guidance, and provision.

  2. Pray for both sets of twins. For safety, emotional healing, and physical healing. 

  3. Pray for our agency. For speed, ability, and honesty.

  4. Pray for Africa. Their court system, and the adoption process here. 

  5. Pray that all obstacles are removed from our path so that our adoptions may be finalized as soon as possible so that we can come home with all our children. 

  6. Pray that God is honored through the sharing of our story. 

  7. Encourage us. 

  8. Share our fundraising effort as much as you can.

  9. Lastly, and only if you are able, we ask you to help us by contributing to this fundraiser (No checks please, since we are out of the country). Every little bit brings us closer to nurturing the babies back to health. 

Thank you for all your support!

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