Going Back to Parris Island

Posted: July 11, 2014 by fivefivephotos

A busy week was planned. Anticipation was at an all-time high, and energy drinks were keeping most of us awake. Matt, Leanne (my sister), Cate (Leanne’s sister-in-law), Matthew (my 3 year-old), and I were driving to Parris Island, SC for Leanne’s soon-to-be husband’s boot camp graduation. The last time Matt and I were at Parris Island was in 2006, we’d been dating for 4 months and Matt was graduating boot camp. Wednesday morning the hotel alarm barely went off and Leanne was across the room jumping up and down while singing that we all needed to get up for the moto-run. This will be the first time any of us have seen Ben since he left 89 days earlier. Oh the excitement! Within the next few days Ben Graduated bootcamp, we drove to NC for quite the rondevu, we drove home through the night, had a rehearsal dinner, and Leanne and Ben got married!

I’m over here with my camera, standing back watching and documenting this entire week of events. I’ve learned how to have the camera in front of my face but still be a part of the moments. And I was…. Crying multiple times throughout the family day, graduation, wedding, etc. I just couldn’t get over how overwhelmingly proud I am of Ben and every other person I know whose been in the Marine Corps. I also couldn’t help but look back at my similar experiences with Matt, thinking if we had someone to capture those precious days so comprehensively. What would it be like to watch a movie of that day back in 2006? What would it be like to show that movie to my grandchildren? I know I’m going a bit far with this, but I’m so excited for Leanne and Ben and I’m honored that we were able to do this for them. I can’t wait until we have the movie editing done! I’ll write a new blogpost and share it when I do get it done 😉 For now, enjoy the photos!2014_FamilyDay