Friday Photo Tips for Moms: What to Wear to Your Session

Posted: September 8, 2017 by fivefivephotos


Friday Photo Tips for Moms: What to Wear to Your Session

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you for watching the videos I record live on Fridays. I sincerely hope they are helpful videos for you all. If you missed it that’s just fine, I saved the Facebook video so you can still view it: 


If you prefer to read the photo tips, that’s great too.

Below, I outlined all the tips with photo examples.


What should we mommas wear?
  • Choose flattering shapes, lines, colors, and accessories
    • Flattering shapes
      • Empire wastes
      • Fitted jackets over a loose fitting blouse.
      • fitted pants with a tucked in loose fitting blouse.
      • V-neck lines are the most flattering neckline on a woman.
    • Flattering lines
      • Horizontal lines tend to make whatever they are on look wider, if that is your goal go for it! For me I’d prefer to look slimmer. So I typically stay away from horizontal lines. Although I do really like horizontal lines under a fitted jacket. 
    • Flattering colors
      • Determine if you look better in warm tones (Reds, yellows, and oranges) or cool tones (purples, blues, and greens). 
      • Either way bright turquoise and lime green do not reflect well on the skin. 
    • Flattering Accessories
      • A long scarf tied in a knot or a long pendant necklace can create that flattering v-neck line without wearing a v-neck shirt.
      • Hats can be a really cute and flattering accessory but I only suggest you incorporate a hat if you love hats and frequently wear them. 
How do I coordinate the family?
  • Choose a color pallet
    • This can be overwhelming, but it can also be a lot of fun.
      • Start with a jumping off point like an accessory, prop, or your daughters cutest dress. 
        • Pull the colors from the pattern of that item and use that as your pallet. That’s what this mom did. She chose this plaid shirt for her son and used the colors as the pallet for her outfit. 
      • Consider the background or setting of your photo shoot and have fun blending in with your popping off of the background
        • Blend in to create a photo with one color pallet throughout.
        • Contrast to bring more attention the the subject of the photo.
  • Coordinate the dress level
    • Casual or dressy? Try to coordinate the level that everyone dresses up or down. Is it “hang around the house” casual, or “going to a cookout” casual. Is it “going to a wedding” dressy or “going to church” dressy? Be specific, especially with larger groups of people. 

Enjoy these photos with different examples of how Mommas coordinated their family’s outfits for their sessions

Color pallet: red, black and blue. Jumping off point: the plaid on the baby’s shirt.
Notice how the background is green (a cool color) and the main color in their pallet is blue (also a cool color).


I love this neutral color pallet and dress level!