Documenting Life

Posted: September 14, 2015 by fivefivephotos

Documenting Life


Our experience has convinced us of the importance of documenting life.

We want to help you. That’s about it. Life flies by so it is important to document the lives of those closest to you. One minute you are fighting through sleepless nights the next minute you are going wedding dress shopping. It is CRAZY! Our Matthew is already 4 years old, almost FIVE!

Documenting life is a very difficult task.

We realize everyone is busy. Even if you are not busy, most people don’t know how or what to photograph. And most people cannot afford a live in photographer. (If, however, you can afford a live in photographer, and happen to live in a vacation destination, give Matt and I a call!) For the rest of you don’t give up just yet. This is where our weekly HOPE Emails come in to play.


This is what 5:5 Productions is all about. And we want to give you some hope in large quantities. Sign up for our weekly HOPE Emails to receive emails with topics like:

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