Chagrin Falls Ohio Senior Photos + Films by Fivefivephotos || Lexi’s Senior Session

Posted: November 8, 2019 by fivefivephotos

 Lex’s Senior Session

Chagrin Falls Ohio Senior Photos + Films by Fivefivephotos

Fivefivephotos just finished the edits for an incredible senior session that started at the cutest florist’s garden in Mantua Ohio. Thank you Field of Blooms for allowing us to use your amazing garden! We used the beautiful downtown area of Chagrin Falls Ohio as a second backdrop for the senior session. Lastly, we went to the Hiram College campus and used their beautiful extensive library to showcase this senior’s love of books!
I cannot even tell you what an honor it was to document this beautiful young lady not only with photography but also with videography during her senior year in high school! We have photographed Lex and her two sisters every year since she was twelve! I cannot even believe I’m writing the post about her senior photos! Insert ugly cry emoji here! But seriously, I did tear up a few times while interviewing Lex for her senior film. She is inspirational and it will serve her well in the years to come.
Why prioritize senior photos? Why take it a step further and have an artistic senior film created as well? Because this is part of their story, part of the senior’s parent’s legacy, and this is a year all of them will always remember. There are so many parts of this year that will shape a senior in high school. Countless ways that a senior will develop and refine their personality, dreams, and life goals. These changes need to be documented. It is also usually an unstable time for a senior because of all the future unknowns, changes, and expectations. Spending a little extra time pampering them and showcasing that you care about who they are right now does so much good for their hearts! They may be trying their hardest to break away and prove their independence but they still need the reassurance from mom and dad that they are LOVED!  
Lex’s mom, Tammy, totally understands that this year is huge! We are honored that she chose us to document her daughter’s senior year.

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*** NOTE: the film is not finished yet but we will share it on this page as soon as it is!