Bringing Back the Glamour Sessions

Posted: July 25, 2014 by fivefivephotos

Bringing Back the Glamour Sessions

Because you deserve to look and feel as beautiful as you are!

The 80’s Glamour Sessions? Seriously? I think all of my aunts and a good chunk of my cousins had a glamour portrait taken. Why were these such a big deal? Because it made you feel like a super model! I think that is reason enough. We are bringing back the Glamour Session, only we’re quite up to date with style, hair, and makeup. No big bangs and mullets here (unless, of course, that’s what you’re in to).

There is beauty in everyone. These sessions are meant to bring out your individual beauty and make you feel stunning. We get more than just head shots, and you can bring a variety of outfits. We suggest that you plan a night out after your session because you are going to look seriously gorgeous and feel incredibly confident!

Leanne's Glamour before and after


A fresh portrait style session that is for women of all ages. This is a fashion inspired session that shows exactly who you are. We focus on the transformation from everyday beauty to bombshell model. At some point in your life you should experience a glamour session. To remind you how beautiful you are.

Some fun ideas:

      • Bring your sister(s), mom, partner, or best friend along  to be photographed with you.
      • Go to lunch before, then have a night on the town after!
      • Bring a good variety of outfits, including a long flowing dress!
      • Bring lots of your favorite accessories.


A session that will make you feel confident in your own skin. You will see your beauty in a new light. Basically, a boudoir session is one where you wear lingerie, your partners button down shirt, or your favorite undies. We take these photos because we believe they are a great gift for husbands. Especially on the wedding day morning, anniversary, valentines day, or just because. This gives your man beautiful photos of you to look at and cherish. Seriously, what man wouldn’t want photos that capture the beauty he fell in love with? All photos are done tastefully, and never broadcasted or shared (unless they don’t show anything and we get your permission). The only person in our studio who sees your sensitive photos is Holly.

******I’ve heard many women say they would love to have these done but not until they loose 10-15 lbs. Don’t put it off. Stop judging yourself and embrace your beauty today! If you’re worried about uneven skin tone or blemishes  will gladly edit them out for you.

Some fun ideas:

      • Bring your man’s: dog tags, favorite flannel, lucky boxers, etc.
      • Bring your man along with you, unless the photos are a surprise for him.
      • Go shopping for new lingerie!
      • Give the photos as a gift for the wedding day, honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, valentines day, or even just because.
      • Do it just for yourself. To feel and see how beautiful you are.

Session Fees are $250. They include:

  • Personal styling consultation.
  • Professional Hair and make-up. Will take 1-2 hours.
  • 1-2 hour Session (Plan a 4 hour block of time for your session)

After the session:

  • Holly edits 20-30 photos
  • You come in for your preview and ordering. However, there is no obligation to order anything.
  • We have a variety of products and easy packages starting at $300.
  • Digital files of all the photos ordered are given at no extra charge.