Anderson Family Home Birth Story Preview | By Holly Michelson with Fivefivephotos

Posted: April 25, 2020 by fivefivephotos

This home birth story was something else. Like no other birth story we have documented. Beauty in a different way.

There was no doubt that this was a miracle baby
who was receiving a loving welcome into this world.
After 21 years of infertility, praying fervently to become parents, and going through a difficult fostering period, this couple was given the gift of an unexpected pregnancy.
A few special things to notice in this film: 
  • The baby sock on the chalk bored was a gift from a friend with an encouragement to not lose hope and a reminder that others are praying for them.
  • The doctor’s note next to the sock was the order lifting the mother’s bed rest. The mother received this after praying that she trusted whatever God’s will was for the baby.
  • The couples’ peace during labor came from a place of completely trusting God.
  • The grandma played hymns on her guitar and the father, mother, and grandma all sang together throughout parts of the labor and delivery. It was beautiful.
  • And finally their loyal pet dog, Fylo, was right by the momma’s side all night long. He even propped her leg up during part of the 2 hours of pushing! Fylo, you’re a good boy!


Full birth story will be given to the parents but we hope you enjoy this little preview!
Holly Michelson


Special thank you to the birth team!

Midwife: Staci Dasher, Chrysalis Pregnancy Care
Photographer + Videographer: Holly Michelson with Fivefivephotos