A Parkside Wedding | Sarina + Adam

Posted: November 12, 2016 by fivefivephotos

A Parkside Wedding | Sarina + Adam

Sarina and Adam have such an awesome story. I wish I could put it into better words myself, but Adam tells it so well. Continue reading to hear their story in Adam’s words.

Holly- “How did you two meet?”

Adam- “It’s been said the best relationships begin when you least expect it. From my (Adam’s) viewpoint that is exactly what happened for Sarina and I. In September of 2014 Sarina and I met through a series of encounters at our church, Parkside, and their young adult ministry, Transit. For several months we enjoyed going out with groups of young adults and really developed a foundation of friendship and faith to launch our relationship off.
As time moved forward we grew closer and came to find ourselves seeking each other out in groups and finding ourselves on hikes alone together in the middle of snow storms. We continued to grow closer and in March/April of 2015 (the first date is still hotly debated) we began dating.
We shared many memories over the last year including: kayaking adventures, more hiking, some road trips, getting aquatinted with each other’s families and friends, growing closer in our faith through Parkside’s teachings and several books, learning the difference between an internal and external processor, visiting the Holden Arboretum, attending several concerts (from Handel’s Messiah to Polka to Winter Jam 2016), drive in movies, among so many other memories. We grew to know and treasure each other’s passions, likes, dislikes, coffee orders, desires, quirks, and hearts. We came to love each other through our individual brokeness and accept that we have been made whole, not in each other but in the work our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, did on the cross.
Now we find ourselves looking at the next steps and seeing the outlines of the exciting journey God has set before us.”

Holly- “How did you propose?”

Adam- “In October 2014 just after we met, Sarina and I left a harvest party around the same time. Walking out we both were captivated by the stars and, if we are honest, by the opportunity to spend a couple more minutes together extending what was one of the first sparks in the growth of our relationship. We discussed the stars and how Sarina had taken an astronomy class once so she was more versed in her constellations.
Once we began dating Sarina told me she really wanted to visit Observatory Park in Montville, OH. We weren’t able to go in 2015 but a full year later on April 16, 2016 we were able to make a date night out in Montville and go over to Observatory Park.
As the sun was setting I ran Sarina all around Observatory Park till I found the right secluded rock where I gave Sarina her birthday present a little early. A bag of fun sized snickers. This came as no surprise as this was all she had requested. Being the gentleman I am, I quickly asked if she would share and if I could have a snickers. Sarina opens the sealed bag of fun size snickers and hands me one. I inspect the feel of the snickers and decline and ask for another. Sarina obliges and this dance continues for 15 more exchanges.
Eventually, as my heart is beating faster, Sarina reaches in and has a sudden change of expression. Inside the just opened bag of fun size snickers is something fuzzy. As Sarina pulls out a square velvet box I reach over open the box and look the love of my life in the eyes and asked her to be my wife.Sarina, with no hesitation, said yes!

Holly- “What event are you most excited about on your wedding day?”

Adam: “Seeing Sarina in her dress.”
Sarina: “Getting to see friends and family that I don’t get to see that often and having some of them meet Adam for the first time!”

Holly- “What is your favorite thing about each other/your relationship?”

Adam- “We just love doing life together. We enjoy going to coffee shops together, reading, watching football games, going for walks, and learning more about one another.”

Wasn’t that beautiful? But, enough juicy stories! Let’s talk about their photos. We will be posting a preview for them on their wedding day. Feel free to scroll through this post to see them all. At the bottom of the post sign up to be notified when Sarina and Adam’s wedding photos are ready to be viewed.


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