A Day In Life Session- The Bacon Family

Posted: May 13, 2015 by fivefivephotos

Family History


I wish I had realized that family history is a perishable commodity. It disappears with time, as memories fade, and as loved ones pass on. I wish I had known that the most important aspect of family history is preserving a record of the present for the future. -Guy Black

Matt and I feel a special calling to document more than the yearly family photos, the birthday parties, the BIG moments. We feel the calling to document (or help you know how to document) the little moments, the everyday life that your kids will remember. It is REAL. It shows your relationships, your love, your daily motions, your LIFE TOGETHER. Photos with fancy outfits and professional makeup that have been posed, taken, matted, framed, and hung on the wall have their place. But the “A Day In Life” session is special. This is the session you will put in an album and duplicate five times so each of your kids, your mom, and your mother-in-law can have a copy. It is the session you will review in the album after their growth spurt just to make sure you aren’t going crazy (yes they really did grow 2 inches last month). What do we think is better than an album from the “A Day In Life” session? A family year book. While you are raising young kiddos, you know first hand how quickly they change. If you have grandchildren I am sure it seems to go by even quicker since you don’t see them every day. We highly encourage every family to keep a camera handy to document your daily lives, but then you are usually not in any of the photos. Though some of you may prefer to be behind the camera (like myself) your kids will cherish the photos that show you loving on them! We recommend 3 “A Day In Life” sessions and 1 “Lifestyle Family Portrait” session every year to get a complete set of photos for a Family Year Book. It is so important to document our children’s lives, regardless of how busy we are, how messy we think our houses are (Trust us, we don’t judge!), or how little we like to be photographed. If you would like to provide a well documented history for the future generations in your family, feel free to contact us to learn more about our documenting life education programs and about our “Family Year Book” packages. For now, Enjoy these photos from a beautiful Bacon Day. To view/purchase the photos from this beautifully ordinary Bacon Day, follow this link.