Wedding Photography

 Hair up or down? Lace or silk? Long or short? Bow or Tie? Black or Grey? Vanilla or Chocolate? Classical or country? Small or large? Spring or Fall? Church or beach? Roses or daisies? Salad or Pasta? Live or Dj? 

I’m overwhelmed already and these are just a tip off the iceberg to the questions you get asked when planning your wedding. Girl, I feel you pain. You don’t need a photographer to give you a million more choices to make. But you also don’t need a photographer to limit what part of your day you have documented. Am I right?! 

We hear you and we are here for you. We are trustworthy, fun, and experienced photographers with two different perspectives and styles. Matt is a Documentary Style Photographer and I (Holly) am a Lifestyle Photographer. These two styles blend effortlessly to give you a wholistic view of your wedding day. 

Lets make it easy. Here are Fivefivephotos Wedding Photography Packages:


To ensure the highest quality with every wedding, we book a limited number of events each year.

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*Two Photographers all Day  does not mean we will photograph from sun up to sun down. 

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